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Susie Stricker
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Art of every kind, be it visual or through words or music, has always brought me joy. I believe Art allows us to express ourselves in our own unique way. I am fortunate to have been exposed to a wide variety of art from fellow artists, family, teachers and friends. Most of my inspiration comes from observing other artists as they create. When someone shares their art with me, I feel a connection to that person. And connection with others makes us more human.

A life-long resident of South County, art was my best subject in school, and I minored in art while I attended college. After a long hiatus from creating art, I recently began experimenting with different kinds of media and techniques. I like the traditional ways of creating with watercolor, acrylics, and clay, but because of my interest in textures, I am drawn to creating with wool fiber. I also try to choose natural/organic materials that are less harmful to the planet and for sustainability. (I use the wool from my own sheep, and they are my lawnmowers.) Most of my art is created through the process of felting wool fiber either with water, needle felting or both.

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