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Mitzi Bernard

Mitzi Bernard gives voice to the very dichotomy of women. Her stunning collage pieces capture the power of the female form while also depicting female empowerment. Her work speaks eloquently, showing the evolution of women’s independence and success through a nonconventional medium:  vintage men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazines.


Mitzi takes a women’s controversial art form and turns it into a success story.  Each piece, made with hundreds of tiny pieces of paper from 70’s and 80’s Playboy magazines is “painted” to tell a personal story of womens’ healing, strength, anger, lovability and society’s value judgments. 


Mitzi’s energetic spirit comes forth in her overarching forms before the eye is seduced by the slender gesture of an extended arm or the curve of a generous breast. At once controversial and entertaining, her collage reaches across gender and generation, creating a playful and unique story of women’s strength and beauty.

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