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With Your Support... we can connect more artists, provide more creative experiences,  and ignite the creative spirit throughout Southern Anne Arundel County, MD.

Thank You!

Help us ignite a new Creative Spark in South County!

In May 2024 we are building a wood kiln to fire our ceramic vessels and sculptures and to support the needs of students and ceramic artists from around the region.  Last year we set a fundraising goal of $30,000. We are excited to share that we received an amazing gift of $10,000 so we are on our way. 


While construction is set for next year, the groundwork begins now!

Did you know that a wood-fired kiln needs more than 3500 bricks (in addition to many pieces of steel and lots of hands on effort)? 

So, as we count our Lab blessings from 2022 and continue to build our community in 2023 we are also counting bricks for 2024! 

Please buy a brick today so we can build a kiln tomorrow!

All donations to Arts Lab of South County are tax deductible.


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