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Lora Moran Collins


I graduated from MICA as a mixed fine art major and, although it took several years, landed my dream job as a model maker at the Smithsonian. I absolutely loved making exhibit elements for the various museums! I specialized in portrait mannequins and sculpting animals, including two of the running stagecoach horses at the Postal Museum and the touchable sea lions at the Zoo. I retired from being the model shop manager in 2019 and have fully embraced the retired life in Churchton! In addition to being a founding member of the Arts Lab, am also an active member of the Muddy Creek Artists Guild and currently it's president.

Click arrows to scroll through photos. The photos range from sculpture to figures to portraits to other works. 

Now that I have time to play I am exploring a wide range of painting styles in oil paint, from realistic portraits and moody subjects to landscapes and impressionistic styles. My recent work has been abstract explorations of color in a mixed media format. I also like to sculpt the figure, although I'm still figuring out in what medium works best. I have made small figures in wax and clay, but maybe I'll try wire next.

Contact through her website, or at

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