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At heart I am a collaborator.  Space, people, light and shadow, material and process are integral and interdependent in my work.


I work with lush porcelain, colorful and translucent glass, resilient steel, even time-worn wood; using tools and processes that are familiar to the kitchen, the sewing room, and the art studio. I create sculptures and installations that depend on the interaction of myriad small repetitive forms. Often similar in shape and material to its neighbor, each object, on close scrutiny carries its own specific DNA, contributing its own special voice to the project. These pieces are both building blocks and apertures for exploration. With them I create larger narratives: rhythmic wholes that echo the natural patterns of birds in flight, clouds in the sky, or waves approaching the shore.  My interpretation and stories are transformed when viewed by others, giving me stories to inhale and integrate into my next work.

I am also approved by Anne Arundel County as a Teaching Artist and have received credentials for Maryland State Arts Council for creative process and creative aging programming.

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