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Nancy Oliver

NKO portrait.jpg

For the majority of my adult life, I did not believe I had any creative potential.  My engagement in the artistic process is steadily debunking that theory.  The outcome of any project, for me, often seems less relevant than the instruction/education gleaned through the process.  Process fascinates me and is constantly informing and leading me.  I love working in metal because it is forgiving and not easily destroyed.  It is also often an exercise in problem solving.  The variety of techniques for manipulation are vast and most are fun.  Sometimes the results are surprising and unrepeatable, which can make the outcome feel precious.  It is a never ending exploration.  While most of my production has been in the wearable art realm of jewelry, I want to spend more time in the sculptural arena, bringing volume, movement and color to the metal in both realistic and abstract forms.  Let the fun begin with new experiments or continue with the cathartic exercise of a mastered technique:  metal is never boring.

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