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.Jay Anderson, Ph.D
Jay Anderson Ph.D. headshot.png

Pop-Imagery and the Story-telling Process
Jay Anderson, Ph.D. / “The Ol’ Illustrator”

Raised with the Beach Boys serving as the backing-soundtrack for his teenage years, this southern California native enjoyed easy access to the desert, the mountains, and especially the surf. He owned a horse and listened to Merle Haggard, but he also loved The Doors and Jimi Hendrix.

Within that idiosyncratic counter-culture lay the door to re-imagined possibilities for “low-brow” art… a concept Anderson came to appreciate. The Rock concert posters by Rick Griffin and the caricatures by Mort Drucker (Mad magazine) were among his earliest influences.


Later, through the teachings of Andrew Loomis, he soon learned that figure-drawing was a key element to many avenues related to pop-imagery and the storytelling process. The use of a more dramatic color palette is in keeping with the comic book tradition.

With his deep interest in sociocultural studies, Anderson deliberately represents the underclass in a variety of settings. His three self-illustrated books (available on Amazon), which include 289 short stories, attest to this fact.


Consequently, his subject matter ventures into issues related to ethnicity, economics, power-relationships, and a host of other social issues… all with a quirky, sideways grin from the left-hander’s perspective.


Recent and upcoming exhibits and presentations:

Captain Avery Museum (2019-2023)
Southern Pines Community Center and Gallery / Lusby (2021-present)
Anne Marie Garden Artsfest / Solomons(2023)
North End Gallery Invitational / Leonardtown (2024)
Calvert Arts Guild / Solomons (2024)
Mattawoman Creek Art Center / Marbury (2024)
North Beach Community Center (2024)

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