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Recommended Supplies

(many of these items, if not all, can be found through online suppliers)

Ceramic supplier or craft store

Clay carving tools

Wooden rib

Cut-off wire

Stamps or mark making tools

French rolling pin

Pony roller

Slab matt

Slip trailing bottle (nasal aspirator recommended)

Amoco or Duncan underglazes

Wax resist

Liquid latex

Fabric store or craft supply store

Square tool or straight edge with inch markings

Exacto knife

2 pieces fabric interfacing (nonadhesive variety, 12-15” square)

12” upholstery foam (12-15” square piece)

Art Supply Store

Paint brushes (sumi-e or dagger recommended)

Liquid latex


Nasal aspirator


Cotton balls

Clothes pins

Hardware Store

Sur-form rasp

Sheet of drywall or hardy board with taped edges (cut to fit your work surface)


Dry cleaner plastic

Fork or spoon for carving

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