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Sigrid Trumpy

I am a painter and a printmaker but don’t confine myself to these two areas. I also like to work in clay and found materials. I utilize techniques from my printmaking, etching, mono-printing in my a paintings, and vice-versa.

These artworks, the 2020 Series on paper, were created during the first half of 2020 and grew out of the time spent at home during the pandemic. I experienced a strong focus on techniques and materials new to me, and some that are more familiar. I have been experimenting with the use of various materials on paper, as that allows me to create faster and more immediately then painting in oils or acrylic and doesn’t require the same amount of space for working or storing. It also allows me to adapt to the space I have available to work in.

I am planning to continue this series, working both indoors and outside with various materials.

I have primarily drawn my inspiration from nature and continue to do that with on location drawing and painting in watercolors with the use of pencil and ink. I find when working outside I often will encounter obstacles that end up contributing to the spontaneity of the artwork.

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